The District and The Frontroom present Matthew Walkerdine.

The Frontroom has been launched by Cambridge based design agency The District. It is an ever changing space that champions new creative talent…

“…Unfocussed Eyes” is the forthcoming installation for ‘The Frontroom’ Cambridge.

Matthew Walkerdine is an artist based in Sheffield with a constant refusal to stick to a singular way of working and a fascination with all that is lo-fi, cheap and childish, Matthew creates the noticeable from the unnoticed.

 Matthew will fill The Frontroom with a study obsessed with process, repetition and distraction forcing the viewer to draw their own conclusions from memory.The method of photocopying will push Matthew to be less reliant on technology. Unashamed of any mistakes, the whole exhibition will be created out of paper, pencil and glue.

 “…Unfocussed Eyes “, Launch Night: 6pm, 18th September 2009.

Viewing times: Monday 20th September – Friday 30th October 2009, 09:00- 18:00 Monday to Friday. Other times by appointment only.

The Frontroom, The Gatehouse, 23-25 Gwydir St, Cambridge, CB2 1LG. Opposite The Alexandra Arms. Free.

The District
The Gatehouse
23-25 Gwydir Street
01223 305600


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