CamCreative was set up to help fill a ‘social media’ gap for the creative community, a place for creative folk to mix and engage with each other.

Cambridgeshire and in particular Cambridge has a world reputation for nurturing and growing the bio and tech hubs. These sectors are underpinned and supported a large but silent creative community (We have one of the largest clusters of games developers in the UK).

Having lived and worked in Cambridge as a creative for 25 years and having developed an interest in social media, I found I was travelling all the way to London for my ‘media’ meet up buzz. I started to meet other Cambridge creative folks  and thought I should take up the mantel and get something going in my own home town. Twelve months and 240 members later, the rest is history! is the key online tool I use to get folks ‘offline’…

CamCreative embraces a diverse group of interests which includes design, media, literature and publishing, visual arts, multimedia, performing arts and general culture bringing together a mix of large and small firms.

 Its long term aims are:

– To provide the creative industries of Cambridgeshire with a credible regional, national and international profile

– To encourage the collaboration of those engaged in the sector

– To attract new business and new talents to the industry

– To make the sector’s dynamism apparent

– To create solid and sustainable growth in the economy

– To develop new wealth creation, training and job opportunities

 It was set up by myself, Paul Smith and with support other members, and in particular the amazing Sue Keogh


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